--[ AvengerCon VIII Panel Announcement: AI and Cybersecurity

We are very excited to announce the topic and the panelists for AvengerCon VIII's main panel discussion!

This year's panel discussion focuses on the many recent innovations and mass proliferation of AI-driven tools, including large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, and other generative AI systems capable of creating or modifying text, audio, image, and video content.

The panel will explore topics including the current state of these tools, their current and potential uses supporting cybersecurity applications and USG cyberspace operations, limitations and security flaws of these systems including prompt injection, and the potential consequences of this technology for the world's larger information environment. Please note that our team is still refining the agenda and discussion questions for the panel, and we may adjust the topical details before the event. (Feel free to submit questions!)

We've invited and will be honored to host three experts to join us for this discussion!

For more information about the panel discussion and our panelists, please visit the panel discussion page here!