--[ What AvengerCon Is All About

AvengerCon is a free security event hosted by volunteers from the 780th MI BDE to benefit the hackers of the U.S. Cyber Command and Department of Defense. The event is targeted at personnel supporting DoD cyberspace missions, but others are welcome to attend. AvengerCon features presentations, hacker villages, training workshops, and much more.

AvengerCon's mission is to encourage the development of a hacker culture and engagement with the broader community among its attendees while maintaining a grassroots, DIY feel.

----[ Hacker Culture

We mean hacker culture in the original sense of the word, as in "figuring out how to make a system work in unintended ways". This culture is important to create and maintain, but is too often ignored or minimized by government agencies. Creating it requires allowing people time to relax, experiment, and develop deep technical expertise. AvengerCon is meant to be a place where experienced hackers can mentor juniors technically and model what having a "hacker mindset" means.

----[ Engagement

Government agencies all too often become insular and think that private industry and academia have nothing to offer. AvengerCon aims to both remind attendees that external organizations provide important contributions and encourage attendees to provide their own insights.

----[ Grassroots

Though AvengerCon aims to support the mission of the 780th MI BDE, it is a volunteer-driven event. The planners are volunteers, not tasked by a command team. Decisions about the format and content are made principally by the volunteer team. This ensures that AvengerCon remains connected with its intended audience.