--[ AvengerCon History

AvengerCon started in 2016 as an internal training event hosted by the A Company Avengers in the 781st Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Meade. Each year since it has grown to include more and more of the US Cyber Command units and partners, but the name has stuck.

----[ AvengerCon VIII - 2024

AvengerCon continued to evolve by moving from Maryland to Augusta, GA. Matthew Vea delivered the keynote, while Ravi Starzl, Kevin Dwyer, and Ian Garrett took part in the panel.

----[ AvengerCon VII - 2022

Back to a full in-person event, but AvengerCon maintained remote activities to include remote attendees. The keynote speakers were Peiter "Mudge" Zatko and Sarah Zatko, while the panelists were Katie Moussouris, Colin Ahern, and TJ O'Connor.

----[ AvengerCon VI - 2021

AvengerCon VI returned to limited in-person activities and was the first AvengerCon to feature a panel discussion. Besides the keynote speaker, Jen Easterly, the panel featured Sean Gallagher, Dmitri Smilyanets, and Lesley Carhart.

----[ AvengerCon V - 2020

AvengerCon handled the COVID 19 pandemic by going entirely remote, and was the first AvengerCon to be streamed remotely. All presentations were prerecorded, with the exception of the keynote speaker. Jeff Moss, a.k.a. the Dark Tangent, was the keynote speaker.

----[ AvengerCon IV - 2019

AvengerCon IV moved off-post and started expanding its reach outside the 780th. Daniel Cuthbert was the keynote speaker.

----[ AvengerCon III - 2018

Still on post at Fort Meade, AvengerCon III featured Chris Eagle as the keynote and expanded to include the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade.

----[ AvengerCon II - 2017

AvengerCon II rapidly expanded to the a training center on Fort Meade and invited the rest of the 781st Military Intelligence Battalion. Bruce Potter was the keynote speaker.

----[ AvengerCon I - 2016

The first ever AvengerCon was held in a small conference room and funded by the Avengers Commander and a few junior officers. Eugene Spafford was the keynote speaker.