--[ Registration for AvengerCon VIII is now open!

Registration for AvengerCon VIII has opened! Register today here!

Who is eligible to attend?

AvengerCon welcomes all US government employees and service members to attend! Anyone who can verify their MIL/GOV status with access to their official .gov or .mil email address is automatically eligible to attend.

But even if you're not currently affiliated with the US government, you may still be able to attend!

Attendance is not guaranteed for any non-USG personnel and will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Nongovernment registrants who support AvengerCon or USG/DoD cyberspace missions and initiatives from private industry or academia, military veterans and alumni from USG and DoD cyber units and organizations, and students interested in careers supporting USG or DoD cyber missions and organizations will receive priority consideration over other nongovernment applicants.

I do not have a .gov or .mil email address, can I attend?

If you do not currently have a .gov or .mil email address but would like to attend, you are still welcome to register but your attendance will require manual review and approval.

Please provide the details of either a USG-affiliated or AvengerCon-affiliated person that can vouch for your affiliation and that you should attend AvengerCon. We will reach out at a later date to verify your affiliation.

We will also consider other requests to attend on a case-by-case basis. We can't guarantee attendance to everyone who registers, but if you are really interested in attending, please get in touch with us through the website registration or contact form