PowerShell crash course

This course will give you the basics of PowerShell. You will learn the PowerShell syntax. Learn things like how to repeat tasks, iterate through a list of objects, and the various things you can do with PowerShell object. You will also learn how to discover new cmdlets, modules, and functions. You will gain experience by practicing what the instructor is teaching, and demos of production scripts and tools. The target audience for this course are individuals who are new to scripting and individuals who are new to PowerShell. Play in the PowerShell CTF to help enforce the learning.

Instructor background

I have served over 20 years in the military in various technical and leadership positions. In my current assignment, I am part of a Cyber Protection Team and serve as the Microsoft Windows Expert. In my past assignments, I served as the OIC (Officer in Charge) of both the battalion IT shop and brigade logistics IT shop, I was the “technology adviser to the Commander”. I have also served as a systems administrator, helpdesk manager, and classroom support tech. Some of my additional duties included being an Information Assurance Manager Alternate and Network Admin backup.

I am also working as a SANs Mentor and Trilogy TA. I am mentoring SEC505 (Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation) and SEC511 (Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations). I TA a Cyber Security BootCamp for Trilogy.


Some version of PowerShell installed, preferably PowerShell version 7.