--[ Intro to Reversing and Exploitation


Jeremy Blackthorne (@0xJeremy) is an instructor at the Boston Cybernetics Institute (BCI), where he develops and delivers cybersecurity curriculum to the military. Before BCI, he was a researcher in the Cyber System Assessments group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Jeremy has published research at various academic and industry conferences. He served in the Marine Corps 2002 - 2006 as a rifleman and scout sniper, and is an alumnus of RPISEC.


Reverse engineering is an essential skill for many tasks in cybersecurity such as malware analysis, vulnerability discovery, and exploitation. In this 6-hour course, we teach students how to use hex editors, disassemblers, and debuggers on x86/x64 binaries in Linux as applied to these various tasks.

This is a majority hands-on course with theory and lecture as needed. Exercises balance fundamentals with modern applications. After completing this course, students will have the practical skills to apply reverse-engineering in their day-to-day work.

We provide a virtual machine, bundled with free software, exercises, and educational materials.