--[ Cyber Range Scenario


Bob DuCharme is a Principal Professional Services Engineer for Keysight Technologies. Bob has served in a number of different roles, helping customers learn testing technologies and educating customers in Cyber Security. Bob worked for BreakingPoint Systems before being acquired by Ixia, and finally being acquired by Keysight Technologies. Prior to that, Bob worked at Cisco Systems for 13 years, serving in several roles from security training manager to customer solutions manager. Bob is retired from the US Air Force.


As Cyber security professionals encounter higher levels of attacks from individuals and groups, we must have a way to keep our skills sharp. Having an environment to execute all sorts of different attacks and analyze those attacks, as well as look at different methods of protecting against those attacks is an absolute necessity. This must be done in a safe and secure way. An example of this could be the delivery of malware via a very common protocol, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). Mail is such a ubiquitous way of communicating that users can sometimes become complacent with regards to security.

In this scenario, the attendees will have the opportunity to execute this scenario. They will utilize different tools to emulate malware being delivered via SMTP and look at different ways to try to defeat this attack.


The attendees should have a good solid technical background. They do not need to be experts in cyber security, but some knowledge is good.

They will need their own laptop to be able to connect to the cloud-based lab to execute the scenario.