--[ App Ambush: HackerOne @ AvengerCon CTF


Nick Zajciw, is a Community Manager at HackerOne where he focuses on recruiting and engaging HackerOne's community of hackers. Prior to HackeOne he spent four years as Senior Manager, Cyber Initiatives at bwtech@UMBC and was a Venture for America fellow. He is a graduate of University of Michigan and has a graduate certificate in Cybersecurity Operations from UMBC.


Join HackerOne, the leaders in crowdsourced security in a CTF challenge while at AvengerCon. HackerOne will be running a half-day hybrid CTF event (available both to those attending in-person and virtually). Our CTF will feature flags of varying difficulty as you progress through the levels. Those with entry to advanced knowledge of web application hacking will enjoy the challenges we have in store for the event. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 participants in the event and will be announced at the Event.

In 2018, HackerOne launched Hacker101, one of the largest free resources to learn to hack online. Hackers have access to CTF levels of varying difficulty covering a range of topics and techniques, while being constantly updated. As part of our mission to empower the world to build a safer internet, HackerOne has paid out $150M+ in bug bounties, manages a discord of 57,000 aspiring hackers, and supports both our customers and community through exclusive challenges and Live Hacking Events.


Laptop, access to the internet, and basic understanding of web application security.