--[ Using Containers to Analyze Malware at Scale

$ getent passwd jfernandez
├─── name: Jose Fernandez
├──── org: CompSec Direct LLC
└─ social:
   └─ twitter: @jfersec

José Fernández is the President and owner of CompSec Direct. He is an InfoSec researcher with over 20 years of experience in the IT field. Jose specializes in InfoSec research by applying offensive methodologies towards practical defensive measures. Jose’s background in CNO, CND, and engineering has allowed him to work in some of the most technically demanding environments throughout his career in both private and public sector. Mr. Fernandez is a Veteran, and serves as a recruitment lead for AUSCF.


This workshop will focus on teaching participants how to handle malware and analyze samples using both Windows and Linux containers. The workshop will focus on leveraging open-source tools, and techniques to build out a simple analysis queue pipeline to allow students to analyze multiple samples at scale within a controlled environment. The workshop will give students experience in creating repeatable workflows to not only perform malware analysis, but also how to leverage automation for similar tasks using boilerplate workflows.