--[ Developing Containerized Webapps in Python

$ getent passwd mstone
├─── name: MAJ Brent Stone
├──── org: ARCYBER TWC
└─ social:
   └─ github: brent-stone

ARCYBER Capability Developer site lead, habitual DEFCON and AVENGERCON speaker, and co-founder of Stoneguard Software LLC specializing in AI/ML and video game R&D.


Brent walks students through the elements necessary to deploy a robust Python based web application using Docker-Compose, FastAPI, Postgres accessed via SQLAlchemy and versioned using Alembic, Redis accessed via Celery and observed via Flower, and RESTful testing using Swagger, Pydantic, and Pytest.

This class is for advanced python programmers with access to computers running docker and docker compose. UNIX experience is a big plus.


Student will need to bring their own computers that can run Python, Docker, and Docker Compose in order to follow along. We'll need internet access so students can pull down images and python dependencies.