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--[ Crypto Challenge


AvengerCon welcomes back the annual crypto challenge, open November 29 & 30! This year the challenge continues going digital with a unique set of puzzles for every attendee!

This year's challenge includes last year's challenges (with new seeds) in addition to some new categories (like image and video stenography!) that will put your programming skills to the test!

Challenge fellow attendees for the fastest solve times and become the top cryptologist with the best cumulative score!

Be sure to check out the challenge's Discord channel if you get stuck or have any other questions!

Our resident crypto enthusiast has been hard at work this year. Put your logic skills to the test with a series of cryptological challenges that get harder the more you solve!

--[ Recon


The AvengerCon VI recon capture the flag is focused on cyber reconnaissance information from OSINT, social engineering, IMINT, HUMINT, and SIGDEV. Challenges are built as single puzzles and some are assembled into larger scenarios such as investigating an APT or a rogue hacker. The challenges will highlight the tools, tradecraft, technical skillsets applied by analysts outside of the terminal.

If you know how to Google, you can get started in OSINT. There will be challenges for beginners and seasoned vets for anyone who wants to participate. The only thing needed is an internet connection.