--[ Lockpicking Village

$ getent passwd
├─ names:
│  ├─── Flay
│  └─ MacGnG
└── org: TOOOL

Want to learn how to pick locks? TOOOL is back for our fifth year and running a hybrid village (virtual and in-person tutorials) all day. The lockpicking village aims to give attendees a real-world understanding of physical security through instruction in lockpicking and physical systems, and get attendees picking as soon as possible. We intend to provide as much hands-on support as possible over both the physical and virtual events, so bring your picks (and webcams) if you have them as we'll be doing 1-on-1 training.

The format is hybrid. There will be talks and scheduled training blocks on top of in-person instruction. Pay attention to the lockpicking-hangouts channel in the Avengercon Discord for the most up to date schedule.

Topics covered will be:

  • Lockpicking101: Flay
  • Government Locks Show and Tell: MacGnG
  • Hybrid Hangout and 1on1's: Everyone