--[ Lock Picking


Want to learn how to pick locks? Or maybe you just need a refresher on the best way to shim. Toool is back this year and running virtual tutorials all day in the lockpicking-stream and lockpicking-text conference Discord channels. The lockpicking village aims to give attendees a real-world understanding of physical security through instruction in lockpicking and physical systems. We intend to provide as much hands on support as possible over the virtual event, so bring your picks and webcams if you have them as we'll be doing 1-on-1 training. We're excited to be back for our fifth year and are staffed by members of Toool Maryland and Toool Boston respectively.

The topics covered will be:

  • Lockpicking 101 (Presenter: Flay)

  • Digital Attacks for Locks and Cardreaders (Presenter: Serialgeist)

  • Government Locks Show and Tell (Presenter: MacGnG)

  • Lockpicking history - Moments of innovation and world impact (Presenter: Stikk)