Rapid Development for Emergency Response Scenarios

Rapid application development tools, sometimes referred to as “low code” or “no-code” in common buzzword, provide a clear boost when you need to quickly adapt to a changing situation on the ground during an emergency response situation. Higher headquarters information gathering requirements change, reporting formats proliferate, and oftentimes the Tactical Operations Center is left massaging data from emails, texts, and attached spreadsheets into the format of the day.

In this talk, I will provide an introduction to some tools which I’ve found useful on the marketplace that you can use to help consolidate and assist in “battle tracking”, including the development of one unit’s information management workflow from email thread to spreadsheet to single, unified Common Operating Picture, available securely to provide visibility to all echelons of the battalion.

As a Florida National Guardsman, I have responded to 5 hurricanes with the state and I will show you some tricks for helping evolve your data management quickly.

I am a currently serving Army National Guard officer with 2-116 FA HQ’d in Lakeland, FL. My “day job” is as a software architect and consultant with Red Leg Dev, LLC, a company I founded to help small and medium-sized businesses with digitizing their business processes. I also work with teams to train their technical leaders based on my nine years of service in the Army and 13 years as a software development professional.