Weapon of Mass Destruction: A Look at the Ransomware Epidemic

The use of ransomware has taken organizations by surprise. While most organizations have dedicated staff to minimize and reduce the attack surface for such threats, the malware is still successful. Once infected, the attack has huge impacts on an organization’s business and its ability to operate. In some cases, organizations pay the fee to return their systems to normal. In other cases, organizations take to remediating the attack by restoring backups or seeking to reverse the encryption used through internal means. In this talk, we will dive into the ransomware epidemic and its effect on organizations. Additionally, we will look at defensive measures an organization can take to limit their chances of becoming a statistic and the headline on the evening news.

Fernando Tomlinson has 19 years in cybersecurity and system administration within the Department of Defense. He currently does Forensics and Malware Analysis for the United States Army Cyber Command. Previously he was a Technical Director of a Cyber Operations Center and has lead multi-level Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and threat hunting teams. He is also a collegiate cybersecurity Adjunct Professor who enjoys contributing to the community through his blog and projects. He is the developer of PoSh Hunter and co-developer of Under the Wire, which both are interactive PowerShell educational platforms. Additionally, he is a consultant with Reliable Cyber Solutions, a company focused on cybersecurity training and certification.