Cars CAN be secure or: How to stop worrying and make ICS unhackable for < $5

Bit smashing transceivers are a cost effective method for making multicast industrial control systems (ICS) practically un-hackable. For passenger vehicles, manufacturing robotics, medical devices, and other industries using multicast ICS protocols like the Controller Area Network (CAN), this includes stopping denial of service attacks which are commonly thought to be unstoppable. Low-cost bit smashing transceivers are already on the market. This talk is intended to inform and be a call to action for manufacturers to adopt this technology into their products.Brent introduces the concepts of a network’s physical and data link layer, bit smashing, and the CAN multicast ICS. Then, he explains how using bit smashing transceivers effectively creates a ‘perfect’ intrusion detection and prevention system for multicast ICS.

Brent Stone has a Ph.D. in Computer Science focused on industrial control system protocols, AI, and reverse engineering. Spoke about car hacking at DEFCON in 2019, HackKC in 2020, and currently invited speaker to BSides KC 2020.