Feedback - Importance in Cyber, Intel and Mental Health Life Cycles

In a cyber threat intelligence and intelligence fields feedback is critical to the intelligence life cycle. Entire groups, collectors and organizations can be shut down or given an incredible amount of money based on feedback from consumers. You might have heard before…”you need to a producer not a consumer”. While this is true, you also need be a good consumer and help the producers, who produce the best things, to continue to produce.

How many times have you heard “that product was awesome, really good stuff,” now think about it, did you reach out to that team who created that awesome thing??? Did you provide their manager/boss an email with your thoughts? Did you take extra 15 minutes to do the non-sexy thing and provide actionable feedback to that producer?…Probably not

Not only is Feedback crucial for the Cyber Threat and Traditional Intel sides, with COVID-19 it is now even more important for personal relationships and people’s overall mental health. Presenters on Zoom or Teams sometimes never see real-time feedback from the audience, do not hear the laughs, see people sleeping etc. With more interaction in the virtual realm, providing feedback is becoming even more crucial.

This might not be a ‘sexy’ as a zero-day proof-on-concept exploit presentation, but I believe it to be extremely important for the entire community both a professional and personal level. Feedback fuels me personally, and I see it still as a sticking point among many organizations.