--[ Understanding the Cyber Direct Commission Process (CDCP)

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├─ name: Robert Jaramillo
└── org: D Co. 781st MI BN, 780th MI BDE

SFC Robert Jaramillo is a software developer in the 780th MI BDE with 12+ years of software development experience. He has been doing CNO development since 2013, served as a Developer Crew Lead and Section NCOIC for an embedded systems developer section, program manager and one of two founding memebers responsible for the development of the Tool Developer Qualification Course (TDQC), which has produced over 80 developers that have made contributions to capabilities that support the Cuber National Mission Force (CNMF) and USCYBERCOM.


The cyber direct commission process can have a significant impact on a individuals life, the future developer core of the Army and safety of the nation. However the process of getting through the CDCP can pose a lot of challenges for people with little clarity as to what is actually going on. The intent of this presentation is to provide individuals a clear overview of the program and give some lessons learned about the process of applying for the CDCP. In addition to this I hope to be able to provide individuals a general idea of what to expect and answer questions to the best of my abilites.