--[ Talent Management in a Competitive World

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├─── name: Ian S. Frist
├──── org: West Virginia Army National Guard
└─ social:
   └─ linkedin: in/ian-frist-ms-cybersecurity-cissp-cmmc-pa-pi-3028a9181/

SSG Ian Frist is an experienced civilian cyber security professional who serves as a medic in the West Virginia Army National Guard with 14 years in service, he also holds a 25D MOS. He holds an MS in Cybersecurity, his CISSP, CMMC-PA,PI as well as numerous other industry certifications.


The Army has a cyber talent management problem. If the Army wants to recruit and retain the best cybersecurity talent, it cannot compete directly with the civilian cybersecurity industry. Instead, the Army needs to think outside the box to ensure that it stays competitive within the cybersecurity space. SSG Ian Frist, a traditional National Guardsman, will discuss his journey through the Army Cyber/Signal branches, how he believes the Army can better manage talent in the cyber workforce, and the unique place the Guard and Reserve Components have in solving that problem.