--[ Protect Yourself from Gamer Input II

$ getent passwd rguiler
├─ name: Rob Guiler
└── org: USAF

Rob is a USAF Captain who has 9 years of experience with Cyber Mission Force. He has presented talks at ShowMeCon and AvengerCon 2021. He is currently scheduled to separate from the Air Force in January of 2023.


At AvengerCon VI, I presented PYFGI, which provided an overview of different, unique methods to gain control of retro gaming consoles through the games themselves using only controller inputs. Part 2 of this talk focuses on answering the most popular question: "How do they find these bugs?". This talk will present numerous methodologies on how hackers test gaming systems, from SNES to PC, for exploits. Want to know how to trick Zelda into giving you an infinite sword? How about how hackers find ways to duplicate items on PC games? You will be surprised how easy it is to find ways to exploit games after this talk.