--[ Protect Yourself From Gamer Input

$ getent passwd rguiler
├─ name: Rob Guiler
└── org: USAF

I have a bachelors in computer science and have worked defensive cyber and training for most of my 8 year career. I had the opportunity to present at ShowMeCon 2018 about utilizing virtual network interfaces on linux systems to emulate large networks and the internet on very cheap computing devices for exercise or training purposes.


Over the last thirty years, gamers have been finding ways to perform complicated hacking techniques using only their controllers. This talk looks at 5 games across 3 consoles, and explains how video game hackers called "speed runners" have managed to perform buffer overflows, arbitrary code execution, and memory corruption without using a keyboard. Want to watch someone beat Ocarina of Time and Pokemon in less than 10 minutes? What about writing flappy bird code directly to the SNES's memory? If so, then this talk is for you.