--[ Practical Online Privacy

$ getent passwd amaster
├─── name: Alex Master
├──── org: Purdue University
└─ social:
   ├── github: smolbytes
   └─ twitter: @smolbytes

Alex Master is currently a Security Researcher and PhD student at Purdue University. He has been an Army Cyber Officer for 5+ years. Alex is a former CNMF member, with experience in both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations. His current research involves anti-censorship software and Internet privacy from an interdisciplinary perspective.


The Internet is great - until it isn’t. With the rise of the information age, personal privacy has taken on many new meanings. Corporations, data brokers, and cybercriminals frequently abuse our personal information and heuristics because it is easy - and often lucrative. Internet users may feel helpless in defending against the privacy and security threats levied against them daily, simply by participating in modern society. This talk aims to provide practical behavior changes (OPSEC measures) and software tools (privacy-enhancing technologies) for everyday people to minimize their exposure to privacy risks. Alex will talk about some definitions, the history of how we got here, and offer some solutions to common privacy problems encountered online. The final portion of the talk is intended to begin a discussion among attendees to share tactics and knowledge from the community. The target audience is primarily U.S. citizens interested in starting the process of reclaiming some of their data autonomy online.