--[ Post-quantum Cryptography and U.S. Government Activities

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├─ name: Samuel Crislip
└── org: 782d Military Intelligence Battalion

CSM Samuel Crislip currently serves as the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for the 782D Military Intelligence Battalion (Cyber). He holds a bachelor's in Computer Information Technology from the University of Maryland Global Campus and a master's in Science and Technology Intelligence from the National Intelligence University. He has worked at the Army Cyber Institute at West Point and served as an Associate Instructor at the United States Military Academy, teaching Cyber Policy, Strategy, and Operations. He has published work on the Quantum Internet with Dr. Lubjana Beshaj and has also collaborated with her on DNA Computing. They are currently working on research in Post-Quantum Computing and other future technology concepts.


The National Institute of Standardization and Technology (NIST) is running a standardization program for post-quantum cryptography to address the threat arising from future developed quantum computers capable of breaking our current cryptosystems. The speaker will address the underlying problems at a high level from a government perspective as well as discussing the current activities from the U.S. government (USG). The problem of downloading now, decrypting later (DNDL) will be discussed from the national security point of view and challenges that USG is going to face in the upcoming years as we see progress in building cryptographically relevant quantum computers.