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├─ name: Travis Hartman
└── org: CACI

I am the founder and lead of the Career Hacking Village @ Defcon, PhD candidate in AI, Senior Architect with CACI, Army Reservist and Commander of the 359th TTSB, previously I led the highest rated training battalion in the Army. A strong focus on talent management and skill development using novel means.


In the late 90’s some enterprising individuals combined system administration and the game DOOM to provide an environment for identifying, locating, and killing rogue processes. Much has changed in the last twenty years but the benefits of combining games and operations to train practitioners hasn’t. In this session we examine the requirements for creating augmented reality or virtual reality environments necessary to support technical professional operations. Going beyond theory we used the Unity gaming engine to create the City Block environment. This enables enable OCO, network defenders, and ICS/OT security testers with a software-based cyber-physical modeling and simulation environment where they can test, train, perform research, and conduct cybersecurity evaluations. City Block technology merges ICS/ OT networks with IT networks in a game based environment to enable training and emulation of specific network environments.