--[ Future Army Security Capabilities From the Cyber Security Collaborative Research Alliance

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├─ name: Trent Jaeger
└── org: Penn State University

Prof. Jaeger is a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University and Consortium Lead for the Army Research Laboratory's Cyber Security Collaborative Research Alliance. He has over 25 years of experience in researching cybersecurity problems in software, networks, and operating systems. In particular, he has made a variety of contributions to the Linux kernel, including to the Linux Security Modules framework, SELinux, and the Linux Intergrity Measurement Archiecture. He worked for IBM Research for nine years prior to joining Penn State in 2005.


In this talk, we will examine the future Army security capabilities under development in the Cyber Security Collaborative Research Alliance (CSec CRA). This project focuses on three major research areas: Detection, Agility, and Learning for Deception. In this talk, we will discuss key research results in each area and how they could impact the Army's future security capabilities. For example, we will discuss the development of Adversarial Machine Learning techniques that originated in the CSec CRA project, and how they impact the development of robust ML techniques. In addition, we will describe recent work that applies attack graphs more broadly to improve defenses, guide detection, and leverage agility systematically.