--[ Evaluating Aviation Cybersecurity Through a Lifecycle Perspective

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This presentation discusses the evolution of cybersecurity in the aviation sector and evaluating the requirements of aviation cybersecurity through the lens of a life cycle perspective. As aviation becomes increasingly interconnected by networking and complex, it also becomes more vulnerable to threats in the cyber realm. Recent current events and trends reflect this new reality.

Reviews of current analysis of aviation cybersecurity discuss an increasing recognition of the threats posed to the aviation sector. However, none of these analyses break down and incorporate solutions for aviation cybersecurity through a life cycle lens that can enable continuous enhancement of aviation organizations’ security postures. This presentation attempts to do so, breaking down the life cycle into three key components of the aviation life cycle: pre-flight operations, flight Operations, and post-flight recovery operations. It discusses trends impacting aviation cybersecurity as well as incident response and prevention methods for cybersecurity incidents in the aviation sector.