--[ DragonSDR and DragonOS Open-Source Digital Signal Processing

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This presentation will hands on/real time demostrate the capability of the Dragon Software Defined Radio (SDR) using the ANTSDR E310 as a POC. The DragonSDR will be configured in both a standalone mode as well as a paired configuration with DragonOS Focal, which is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) focused Linux operating system.

I'll briefly discuss the importance of a customized firmware buildroot enviroment, as well as customized open-source packages, that allow the ANTSDR E310 to perform standalone Digital Signal Processing (DSP) without a Small Board Computer (SBC) or other processing hardware attached. Various built in applications will be discussed and used, with the focus being on a headless open source application called Suscli/Suscan which pairs with SigDigger. More details on all three applications can be found here:

Not covered in the video, but important to note, I modified the ANTSDR E310 to extend it's frequency range to 70Mhz - 6Ghz. I have also unlocked it's second processor core.

In the later part of the video we will take a look at how various open source applications included in DragonOS Focal can utilize the DragonSDR.

For more advanced use cases of the DragonSDR please see the following videos: