--[ Creating a Custom Machine Learning Object Detection Model with YOLOv5

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├─ name: Jack M. Graham
└── org: CSD-M Data Science Crew

Graduated USMA '16 with a B.S. in Computer Science, then attended Dartmouth '18 for a M.S. in Computer Science, because I loved it so much the first time! Upon reaching Fort Gordon, I had the awesome opportunity of working with Defense Digital Service as tech lead for a team of mixed silicon valley and military talent developing a mobile biometrics app. Currently very excited to be with CSD-Maryland and the Data Science Crew.


We will walk through all the steps of creating a brand new Object Detection model using the popular YOLOv5 algorithm. This includes framing the scope of an Object Detection problem, building a dataset for training (with a few demonstrated best practices), model training, and finally model deployment. We will do all this while showing an end to end example to make the process tangible and easy to follow.