--[ Breaking Down the Buzzwords: DevOps and Agile in the Cybersecurity Community

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└─ names:
   ├─ Olivia Brundage
   └─────── Eric Koch

CPT Olivia Brundage is Security Team Lead at a clean-energy startup, Arcadia, where she is responsible for their security program and culture. She is a member of the National Guard, where she has supports telecommunications and infrastructure related missions. Her main focus these past few years have been automating organizational processes so that they are consistent and reliable. She is active with the NCR tech scene, from organizing events with CharmyCityJS to giving talks around web application security at local meetups. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a focus in cognitive science.

1LT Eric Koch is the Infrastructure Crew Lead for the Cyber Solutions Development (CSD) Detachment - Maryland, 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. His team focuses on automating and integrating processes to improve the efficieny and effectiveness of the Cyber National Mission Force. They are additionally working to develop the Army's Senior Infrastructure Cyber Capability Development (CCD) work role. Eric is a Sino-American Technology Competition fellow of the Hertog Foundation, for which he researches the comparable rates of innovation across the Chinese and American military and civilian industries. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering with a focus in robotics and in Eurasian Studies.


What are DevOps and Agile, aside from prolific buzzwords to spice up your PowerPoint slides? The Cyber Solutions Development (CSD) Detachment infrastructure team introduces a vision for the cybersecurity community that encapsulates the essence of these two philosophies derived from the private sector. These concepts have taken industry by storm and enabled companies to rapidly deliver robust products through continuous learning and improvement. Such institutions fulfill and empower employees, unlocking untold organizational value. Join CPT Brundage and 1LT Koch as they explain the challenges to DevOps/Agile implementation in US Cyber Command and the first steps we can take towards becoming a more efficient and effective technological force.