--[ Android Pentesting and Social Engineering

$ getent passwd dace
├─ name: Dr. Ace
└── org: Army

Undergrad from Penn State University in Cyber Security. Experience with several CTF's and pentesting.


Presentation will be informative along with a demonstration on how a bad entity can play on Human psychology to gain access to their electronic data; unlike how it is portrayed in movies where access is almost always gained via corrupting computer system, this presentation will raise awareness on Information Security as well as proper standard of Operational Security. Throughout the presentation, audience will learn multiple ways they can be approached and attacked, what an undetectable malware looks like and what it can do, how human emotions can be used to take advantage and gain access to electronic data.

First audience will learn about what Social-Engineering is and multiple forms of social-engineering. Followed by that, audience will have a chance to see a video / live demonstration on the applications of social-engineering.

Lastly, presenter will demonstrate what a malware on an Android mobile device can do, how it can work stealthily, and how hard it is to detect it without professional help.