--[ Call for Villages

AvengerCon is looking to host a variety of villages this year showcasing the diverse set of skill sets in the cybersecurity world! Past villages have included topics like lock-picking, ICS/SCADA pen-testing, RF hacking, network recon, etc. We are always looking to add new villages to our conference; so don’t hesitate to submit a proposal if you are interested in hosting a village!

PERSONAL Include size and quantity for all involved
PROPOSAL Please provide the official URL for your village if available.
Are you planning on handing out items? Such as shirts, stickers, vouchers, prizes, etc.
Are you planning on having talks, contests, or events?
Will this be held remotely or in person? Tables, chairs, projectors, TVs, power strips, network access, etc.
Do you consent to having your name as part of Avengercon?
Do you consent to having the village title and description announced as part of Avengercon?
Do you consent to publicly sharing recordings of your village activities? Distribution could involve public websites