--[ Conference and workshop registration closing soon!

This is a heads up that registration for the AvengerCon VII conference and workshops will be closing soon.

Main Event Registration Closes 27 November!

Registration for AvengerCon VII will close at 2359 EST on Sunday, 27 November! Register here today - don't miss this year's event!

NOTE: If you are not MIL/GOV affiliated, you are still welcome to register but we cannot guarantee approval at this time due to the short time frame between now and the event. Registration for attendees requiring manual approval closed on 18 November.

Workshop Registration Tentatively Closes 23 November!

Workshop registration for AvengerCon VII will be tentatively closing at 1700 EST on Wednesday, 23 November! Our partners at MISI are hosting AvengerCon's workshop registration here! You can find descriptions of this year's workshops here!

Remember to register for the main event before registering for workshops! We strongly recommend registering for workshops using the same email that you used to register for the main event so your registration status can be easily verified.

NOTE: Registering for a workshop does not guarantee attendance; registration requests will be reviewed and confirmed by AvengerCon staff. Priority will be generally first-come/first-serve but we will also seek to maximize the number of people that can attend at least one workshop if all slots are filled. You need to register for the main event in order to be granted a seat in a workshop!