--[ AvengerCon VII CTF

We are happy to announce that this year's AvengerCon will feature an official CTF thanks to the generous support of Prof. T.J. O'Connor, the Florida Institute of Technology, and our AvengerCon volunteers!

The AvengerCon VII CTF is a Jeopardy-style event designed for individual competitors. The CTF will start at 0900 EST on 30 November 2022 (workshops day) and end at 1600 EST on 01 December 2022 (the main event day).

CTF challenge categories include web, reverse engineering, pwn, crypto, and forensics!

All AvengerCon attendees are welcome to participate and compete to win, practice your skills, and learn something new! It will be Internet-accessible, allowing both in-person and remote attendees to participate.

As AvengerCon VII approaches, we will send out follow-on instructions on how AvengerCon attendees can register and participate in the CTF!