--[ AvengerCon VI Theme: Ransomware - Flipping the Script

The ransomware business model has flipped the script on previous assumptions about the cybersecurity threats to the United States’ critical infrastructure. Ransomware, and the actors that employ it, present a dangerous new threat to the country.

Ransomware crews have become increasingly bold, and their recent victims include hospitals, police departments, local governments, water utilities, and major national oil pipelines operators. Some of these attacks have caused nationwide disruptions to critical infrastructure or the delivery of life-saving healthcare. Left unchecked, the severity of ransomware attacks and their impact to everyday people and the world will continue to increase.

It’s time for the cybersecurity community to turn the tables back on this threat.

Defeating the ransomware threat requires an innovative and collaborative approach, and every member of the cybersecurity community has a part to play in meeting this challenge. We will need the expertise and input of system administrators, network defenders, incident responders, threat analysts, red team operators, military planners, software developers, policy experts, government officials, commercial executives, and others to develop and implement an effective strategy for defending our critical infrastructure against the adversaries that threaten it.

How can you protect the Nation from ransomware? How will you flip the script?